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This program is unique; it is the first one based on high-level negotiation techniques; the same ones the author used to undo kidnappings, extortion, and career destruction. What makes these techniques unique is that they are based on real-world principles that apply when the rubber meets the road. You get all this for about $10.00 an hour.

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Secrets You Wish You Had

No one teaches you about human behavior, especially as it relates to relationships. You meet someone, you feel you ‘gel’, and you jump into a relationship. This is information you cannot be without. Understanding how people behave, react, and respond pays handsome dividends as you can predict the future of your relationships. They don’t teach you this in school nor can your parents teach you unless they are both experienced in this area and have and have been involved in all the scenarios discussed; they simply cannot share this much information with you. Knowing what we share will increase the level of your happiness.

"Once I started I couldn’t stop watching…this is some really great information I wish I knew before."

The Most Powerful Relationship Advice Program You Will Ever Watch!

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Years in the making, 27 years' experience, and 2500 interviews, ...this program can change your life forever and bring you back the happiness you deserve. With 20 improv actors and solid 6 hours of secrets, you have all the answers you have always wanted to help you understand dating and human nature. The program is only $69.00 with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't feel this program tremendously improves your knowledge of human nature, get your money back with no questions asked.

"This program is magnificent….I feel I have a brand new outlook on dating; I’m so excited!"

Different From Therapy

Therapy is useful but it is a long-term process. Our goal is to present solutions that allow you the opportunity of saving the relationship before one person passes the point of no return. Sometimes, sadly, you are so mismatched you have to walk away; better to do so before irreversible damage occurs, you actually end up winning. If you remain with each other and you feel one of you can benefit from therapy, wonderful, but now we need to prevent further damage. Think of it in terms of getting a boat with a hole in it to shore. Plug the hole immediately and then you can get it to shore where long-term work can commence. Alternatively, plugging the hole may be all the boat required.

Who Is This Program For?

We cater to two groups of people. The first is people in relationships who are struggling with a certain issue. The second is people who are single and want to know how to spot trouble issues before they end up in a relationship with the wrong person, we call this
"Know Your Mate Before You Date."

Topics This Program Covers

  1. How to Keep the Music Playing
  2. The Good Old Days
  3. The Mechanics of a Breakdown
  4. Autopilot: The Hidden Danger
  5. The Twisted Pipe
  6. I Have Someone Else on My Mind
  7. Assumptions & Communications: 101
  8. I’m Afraid of My Past
  9. These are My Dealbreakers
  10. Hope Theory
  11. Addiction to Alcohol
  12. Cognitive Dissonance
  13. Lover not the Person
  14. Who You’re Being
  1. The Price for not Playing by the Rules
  2. We Train People to Be Who We Want Them to Be
  3. I Have to Earn It
  4. The “901” Rules to Dating
  5. Lifeless/Sexless Relationships
  6. Abusive Past
  7. Abusive Past Options
  8. Addiction to a Drug
  9. Drug Abuse Symptoms
  10. Drug Abuse Methods of Coping
  11. Physical Attraction
  12. Physical Attraction Qualities
  13. Sexual Attraction
  14. Sexual Attraction Factors
  15. Currency
  1. Hidden Agendas
  2. Fear of Relationships/Intimacy
  3. Cultural Differences
  4. Depression & Related Issues
  5. I’m Not Good Enough for You
  6. I’m Not in Love with You
  7. Neuro-Chemical Reactions
  8. What Kept You Together
  9. Mixed Messages
  10. What Lead to the Breakdown?
  11. Is it Worth Continuing?
  12. We’ve Tried Everything, Now What?
  13. Women and Men as Friends
  14. Conclusion

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