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This program is unique; it is the first one based on high-level negotiation techniques; the same ones used to undo kidnappings, extortion, and career destruction. What makes these techniques unique is that they are based on real-world principles that apply when the rubber meets the road.

This program does not imply that therapy and other psychological methods are not useful. What it implies is that if a ship is sinking you need to stop more water from coming in before you worry about getting it to the repair dock. This program is similar. It will stop the relationship from further deteriorating and stabilize it. For some, that will last for the rest of their lives. For a few others, more work is required. In either case, this program will prevent one person from doing things to the other that gets the relationship past the point of no return...once that is reached no amount of therapy will bring two people together again.

Years in the making, 27 years' experience, and 2500 interviews, ...this program can change your life forever and bring you back the happiness you deserve. With 20 improv actors and a solid script, you have all the answers you have always wanted. Part one is FREE....enjoy and learn. Part two is only $10.00 with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Part three is only $39.95... the cost of a dinner for the education of a lifetime.

Relationships 901 serves two purposes for you:

1. If you are not in a relationship, it allows you to recognize incompatible people so you don't go too far only to realize you didn't have a fighting chance, and

2. If you are in a relationship and it could be better, there are a plethora of ideas to and some solid solutions to bring back the smile on your face. Enjoy the FIRST SECTION on us...

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