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This program is unique; it is the first one based on high-level negotiation techniques; the same ones used to undo kidnappings, extortion, and career destruction. What makes these techniques unique is that they are based on real-world principles that apply when the rubber meets the road.

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Years in the making, 27 years' experience, and 2500 interviews, ...this program can change your life forever and bring you back the happiness you deserve. With 20 improv actors and a solid script, you have all the answers you have always wanted. Part one is FREE....enjoy and learn. Part two is only $10.00 with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Part three is only $39.95... the cost of a dinner for the education of a lifetime.

Topics This Program Covers

  1. How to Keep the Music Playing (2)
  2. The Good Old Days
  3. The Mechanics of a Breakdown (2)
  4. The Mechanics of a Breakdown
  5. Autopilot: The Hidden Danger
  6. The Twisted Pipe
  7. I Have Someone Else on My Mind
  8. Assumptions & Communications: 101 (2)
  9. I’m Afraid of My Past
  10. These are My Dealbreakers
  11. Hope Theory (2)
  12. Addiction to Alcohol (3)
  13. Cognitive Dissonance (2)
  14. Lover not the Person
  15. Who You’re Being
  1. The Price for not Playing by the Rules (2)
  2. We Train People to Be Who We Want Them to Be (2)
  3. I Have to Earn It
  4. The “901” Rules to Dating
  5. Lifeless/Sexless Relationships (2)
  6. Abusive Past (2)
  7. Abusive Past Options
  8. Addiction to a Drug (2)
  9. Drug Abuse Symptoms
  10. Drug Abuse Methods of Coping
  11. Physical Attraction
  12. Physical Attraction Qualities
  13. Sexual Attraction
  14. Sexual Attraction Factors
  15. Currency
  1. Hidden Agendas
  2. Fear of Relationships/Intimacy (2)
  3. Cultural Differences (2)
  4. Depression & Related Issues (2)
  5. I’m Not Good Enough for You (2)
  6. I’m Not in Love with You
  7. Neuro-Chemical Reactions (2)
  8. Mixed Messages
  9. What Kept You Together
  10. What Lead to the Breakdown?
  11. Is it Worth Continuing?
  12. We’ve Tried Everything, Now What?
  13. Women and Men as Friends
  14. Conclusion (2)

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